An Open Letter to CBRM Residents

Dear Neighbours,

For almost thirty years, CBRM has been on the same path, heading in the same direction: record high poverty, unemployment, crippling high property/business taxes, and a vanishing population – taking with it our doctors, our teachers, our industry, and our innovators. Too many of our seniors struggle to heat their homes and have to choose between medication or food. Our adult children have no choice but to move away to find work – and too few return. The stress and anxiety of just making ends meet is fuelling a mental health and addiction crisis.  The path we are on is littered with decades-old broken promises and missed opportunities.

How did we get here?

We’re in this state today because election after election we have voted for the same kinds of people; great people, generous people, people we love. We voted for our friends and for our neighbours. We voted for familiar names and faces. Sometimes we voted for people just because we thought “they deserve to win”, as if a seat in municipal office is a reward for community involvement – which, of course, it is not. Time after time we vote with our hearts because, after all, Cape Bretoners are the kindest, most generous people.

But that kindness, and our attachment to the familiar, is killing us.

This year there is a new generation of candidates, for Mayor and for Council, who have the vision and strategic planning skills to get CBRM off this path of poverty and heartbreak, and on the road to prosperity. Push your local candidates (like me) for specifics. Ask, “what is your plan?”.  Don’t settle for vagueries like “I will work for you”, or “I will listen to you”, or “I have enthusiasm”.  You deserve more than that. You deserve to hear an actual plan for our future. And if your candidate can’t deliver that now – on the campaign trail – they certainly won’t be any more forthcoming after the election.

There are 12 districts in CBRM. This means we have a chance to fill the council seats with 12 people of substance; a chance to breathe new life into this region. We can stay on the old, familiar path. Or we can vote for people with vision and strategy, capable of planning for a better future … it’s up to you.

Sincerely, Respectfully, and Kindly,

Glen Murrant,

Candidate for CBRM District 3

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