CBRM Viability Study Not Getting the Attention it Deserves

Cover of Cape Breton Regtional Municipality Viability Study by Grant Thornton, August 2019

Almost exactly one year ago, the CBRM Viability Study report was released. While the report identified some of the CBRM’s advantages and opportunities, it also identified the many challenges and threats faced by CBRM – that if not addressed will have increasingly negative implications beginning in the very near future.

CBRM Council Expenses Raise More Questions than Answers

Pie chart of CBRM Council expenses.

WARNING: LOTS OF NUMBERS AND CHARTS AHEAD. Like a wise Jedi master, my former employer – a CPA – once told me, “If you’re looking for the truth, just look at the numbers.” So I downloaded the CBRM councillors’ expense report. Here’s what I found … Between January 2019 and March 2020 (15 months) CBRM … Read more