CBRM Council Expenses Raise More Questions than Answers

Pie chart of CBRM Council expenses.

WARNING: LOTS OF NUMBERS AND CHARTS AHEAD. Like a wise Jedi master, my former employer – a CPA – once told me, “If you’re looking for the truth, just look at the numbers.” So I downloaded the CBRM councillors’ expense report. Here’s what I found … Between January 2019 and March 2020 (15 months) CBRM … Read more

Platform Pillar 1: Renewable Energy Strategy

Arial view of Credit Union Place Solar PV panel array.

As CBRM District 3 Councillor, I will advocate for the creation of a comprehensive renewable energy strategy. Glen Murrant – August 16, 2020 “Francesco La Camera, director general of IRENA (the International Renewable Energy Agency), has suggested the falling cost of renewable energy means … ‘Renewable power is the backbone of any development that aims … Read more

Slow Rural Internet is Hindering the Cape Breton Economy

actual screenshot of internet speed test showing slow connection

High Speed Internet is not a luxury. In 2020 it’s a necessity for education and employment; even more-so now with COVID-19 restrictions in place. Working and learning from home requires a stable, fast internet connection. Doctors’ offices, banks, and government services are all encouraging – or in some cases requiring – that users engage with … Read more