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CBRM Election Signs are Garbage

Election signs have been standard fare for as long as there have been elections; those colourful signs with candidates’ names in bold type, that line the roadsides and pepper the front lawns of every community.

Not Recyclable

Most of those signs are made of white corrugated plastic – trade name “coroplast”. In some municipalities coroplast signs can be recycled, but not in CBRM. In CBRM plastic election signs go to the landfill after the election.

I called the CBRM Solid Waste Hotline, 902-567-1337, to confirm. According to a CBRM Solid Waste representative, “No, we don’t recycle election signs. They go in the regular garbage.”

Plastic pollution is a serious problem. Micro-plastics are being found everywhere – in our drinking water, in our food, and yes – even in our blood. Understandably, governments around the world are enacting legislation to reduce plastic waste.

Leading by Example

I believe that leaders must lead by example. So – at the risk of anonymity – I will NOT be using disposable plastic election signs in my campaign for CBRM District 3. Admittedly, I bought two vinyl banners – both of which, after the election, I will save for re-use – perhaps as a colourful barbecue cover.

I encourage – no, I challenge – all other CBRM candidates to do the same. Lead by example. Change doesn’t start after the election. Change starts NOW!

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