CBRM Viability Study – A Good Place to Start

Almost exactly one year ago, the CBRM Viability Study report was released. While the report identified some of the CBRM’s advantages and opportunities, it also identified the many challenges and threats faced by CBRM – that if not addressed will have increasingly negative implications beginning in the very near future.

Some of these issues discussed in the report are now being at least partially mitigated by new developments and initiatives (e.g. new NSCC campus, Regional Hospital expansion), but for the most part the report has not received the attention it deserves.

These challenges and threats include conditions such at Cape Breton’s declining population, aging infrastructure, and lack of industry. The effects of which are now further exacerbated by the economic turmoil brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chart below illustrates the projected fiscal state of CBRM:

Bar chart showing projected declining revenues and increasing expenditures for CBRM
Table 8, from the CBRM Viability Study. /Grant Thornton, Aug.6, 2019

These projections clearly show that as CBRM’s population shrinks, the municipality (and its services) will become less and less sustainable. Keep in mind – the report was authored before COVID-19, so it’s reasonable to conclude that these projections are now on an accelerated path and demand our urgent attention.

I have summarized and condensed those challenges and will address many of them individually throughout my campaign. As always, I look forward to discussing with you and welcome your comments.

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