Episode-1, CBRM Hot-Seat: Eskasoni

Welcome viewers and voters – I’m Glen Murrant – and this … is the Hot-Seat. This is your chance to put me on the spot with your toughest questions; which you can submit by:

So let’s jump right into the fire with:

“Glen – All of Eskasoni will vote for Blue [Councillor Marshall]. He’s got them all to himself. The rest of the vote will just get split up – and he’ll win just like 2016. Sorry but you need to back out.”

Mike, Frenchvale

Well, Mike. Thanks for that. Good point, and you’re not alone. I’ve lost count of how many people have said this very same thing to me.

But what this really tells me – is there’s a problem. It’s a shame that so many voters outside of Eskasoni feel that Councillor Marshall didn’t serve them as well as he served his home community. CBRM councillors have a duty to represent every community in their district.

So let me start by sharing some facts with viewers who might not be familiar with how Councillor Marshall won the 2016 election …


If you look at the 2016 CBRM election returns you will notice that Councillor Marshall had almost unanimous support from his home community of Eskasoni.

2016 Election results from CBRM District 3

But you will also notice his popularity doesn’t spill over. He lost in 8 of the 9 polling locations outside of Eskasoni.

But that doesn’t matter.

He had three factors working in his favour.

  1. Population: Eskasoni has the largest population of any community in CBRM District 3
  2. Support: Councillor Marshall is well liked and respected in Eskasoni
  3. Voter Turnout: Eskasoni had much higher % than the rest of CBRM District 3

So, analyzing this scenario from 2016, it’s clear what we need to do if there’s going to be a different District 3 Councillor in 2020.

FIRST – one of the candidates in District 3 (me) has to take a leadership role and come out of the gate strong. They have to demonstrate strong ideas and strong problem solving skills; strong communications and strategic thinking. That’s my specialty.

SECOND – The rest of District 3 needs to take a page from Eskasoni and just vote. Eskasoni gets it. They know that high voter turnout is good for their community – so they do it – they vote. That’s what the rest of the District 3 has to do. Everybody – from Point Edward, Upper North Sydney, and Leitches Creek, through Frenchvale, Boisdale, and Coxheath, right out to Big Beach and Grand Narrows – you need to vote. Otherwise, you can expect the same representation on council until 2024, and beyond.

So – Mike – the answer to your question is simple. If you’re not happy with Councillor Marshall, then it’s up to you; talk to your friends and your neighbours – explain this to them. Get them to vote – preferably for me.

And I’ll finish off by saying that – No – I will not be stepping aside.

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